DIY and Beyond. Gifts for him.


DIY and Beyond, Gifts for Him.

Guys can be the hardest people to find gifts for, especially on Valentine's Day.  In general most men don't like fluffy animals, and flowers.  Here you find a wide range of gift types to suit any man.
Of curse, it is the little touches we do that make a gift special to anyone.  With a little preplanning you can make a so, so gift, something special.  With these DIY gifts for him.
Like moma always said," A way to a man's heart, is threw his stomach." Everyone would rather have something fresh made just for them.  Instead of something bought.  Not  to mention you add the love to it.  Dinner for 2 you will find some great easy recipes to make for your love.  And don't forget Sweet Love deserts.
DIY is always a great way to go for any gifts.  I found some great ones just for your love.  That he might actually use.
Beard balm - The great thing about this one is you can scent it to your mans likes.  Towards the bottom of the page there is a guide of witch essential oils to use for a certain smell.  This recipe is very simple.  Plus we reap the benefits of it too.  No more scratchy beard.
Big Kiss - Everyone loves chocolate.  Make a big Kiss for him.  It will tempt his taste buds, while bringing a laugh.  Who knew you could use a funnel this way?
Love Jar - This one is great for the traveling man.  Take time to write down everything you love about him, on little pieces of paper.  Fold them up and put them in a jar.  That you have decorated.  So when he is away from you and still needs your loving support.  All he will need to do is pull one of the papers out.
Spa treatment -  Even mean deserve to be pampered.  There are a few of the recipes from  Positive Self Care.  That are great for men too.  The lip scrub will help with winter chapped lips.  Especially if they work outside.  The basic face scrub will also help with dry winter skin.  There is also a Detox bath that s great for men.  {Warning:  If anyone is on blood pressure meds, it is NOT recommended you use this recipe.} 
For a larger garden tub.
1 to 2 cups Epson salt
1/2 cup baking soda
1/2 cup cornstarch
1/2 cup dry milk {optional}
Detox baths are good for everyone.  They remove some of the toxins from the body.  Not recommended to stay in longer then 20 mins at a time.  Because this is a strong detox mix.  That will also remove some medicines from your body.  That is why anyone on blood pressure meds should NOT use this mix.  The dry milk is optional.  But should be part of your DIY spa supplies.  Dry milk is awesome for the skin.
For a milder detox bath, use 5 to 6 tea bags in a garden size tub.
DIY messaging oils - Why pay big bucks for something you can make very easily?  And might be much better for you then the ones you can buy. 
Base oils coconut oil liquid not a solid, or almond oil.  Both smell pretty good on their own.  You can make them smell even better by using essential oils.  Just remember a little goes a long way.  Warm the mix up a little.  Then work out those tight muscles. 
You will also find more DIY projects for yourself and your man here.   DIY Valentine's . and DIY spa treatments.  Feel free to follow me on Pinterest.
Everyone loves gifts.  But like I said earlier some guys are hard to buy for.  Below you will find links to 9 of my favorite guy gift.
Car Vacuum - Most guys want to keep their cars clean.  This would be a perfect gift.

Hand held swiper for car

Important paper folder

Beard Trimmer set.  For the perfect trim every time.
Razor Set  Keep everything all together, and off the counter.